Sylvia Gudiry-Brown for NASN Director

By Sylvia Guidry-Brown, MSN, RN, CSN posted 03-09-2018 07:30

Dear Louisiana School Nurses,

The elections will close today March 9. I am asking for your vote for the NASN Director's position. If you have not voted, I ask that you take time to do so today. I am confident and compassionate school nurse that will advocate for all children as well as the Louisiana School Nurses on national platform. I will work diligently to promote the passage of laws that will ensure the safe practice of healthcare in the school setting. I have the experience in working with the Louisiana Department of Education and school nurses across the state to write state-wide policies and procedures. Let me the voice that will take a stand for healthy children and Louisiana School Nurses across the world.

My Goals as the NASN Director:

●To work with state representatives and senators to decrease the Louisiana student:school nurse ratio to the national level of 750:1

●Work with the Louisiana Department of Education and the School Health Advisory Council to develop an orientation webinar of all newly hired school nurses

●Work with the LSNO board to bring NASN training to the LSNO conference for school nurses

●To be open and have a voice for all students and school nurses to unfold the school system's hidden healthcare system to advance into the 21st century medical world

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May God Bless!
Sylvia Guidry-Brown, MSN, RN, CSN