LSU Camp Kesem

By Jamie Vicknair, RN, BSN, CPN posted 10-22-2018 10:16

From: Sarah Pham
Phone: 225-907-8284

Greetings, My name is Sarah Pham and I am writing to you on behalf of Camp Kesem Louisiana State University to let you know about a unique resource we offer to children whose parents have been diagnosed with cancer. Camp Kesem LSU will offer its first annual camp in summer 2019 which will be open to campers throughout the state. Our camp is offered free of charge, and is open to any 6-18 year old who has or had, a parent or primary caregiver with cancer. We are one of over 100 active Camp Kesem chapters throughout the United States, and our program is staffed by student volunteers from LSU. As a national organization, Camp Kesem has over 15 years of experience bringing top quality programs that have a significant impact on children and families. Our camps are designed to allow children the opportunity to find support, have fun, and feel safe, loved, and respected. As we gear up for summer 2019, we are in search of nurses who would be willing to volunteer a week of their time at Camp Kesem. We would love if you would be able to help us put the word out about this amazing opportunity by potentially posting it in newsletters or any social media platform that will reach school nurses all over Louisiana. To reiterate, is there any way that you would be able to help us spread the word about our search for nurses for Camp Kesem or help us get in touch with someone who would be able to help us do so? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this email and I look forward to hearing from you! CLAM (Camp, Love, and Mine), Sarah Pham Outreach Coordinator Camp Kesem LSU
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