Andrea Ferguson for NASN Director

By Andrea Ferguson, RN, CSN posted 02-23-2018 16:09

23 February 2018

Dear LSNO Members:                         Re:  Request for your vote as NASN Director

When I arrived at the 2014 conference I had planned on running for NASN Director as I wanted to be able to represent Louisiana School Nurses– who in my opinion are the best School Nurses - at the National level.

Upon arrival at the conference, I was asked to be nominated as President-Elect instead of NASN Director.  I was honored that I was asked to hold the position as President-Elect and accepted the nomination.  Darla Rebowe has been a magnificent NASN Director and has represented Louisiana extremely well.

My term as President-Elect was extremely short (4 months) as the President at that time accepted a nursing position outside of school health.  Per our LSNO bylaws, the President-Elect succeeds the President for the unexpired term, and then serves the term of President as elected.  So instead of 2 years as President-Elect and then 2 years as President, I have served 3 years and 8 months as President. 

In 2016, I was recognized for my contributions to school health in the State of Louisiana.  This was a wonderful compliment.  My entire purpose while representing LSNO has been to be committed to uplifting, advocating, mentoring, and sponsoring ALL Louisiana School Nurses – no matter where they are employed. 

I have represented not only my Parish and my School Nurses, but ALL Louisiana School Nurses by actively participating as a member of the Louisiana Dept. of Education’s School Nurse Advisory Council, the Louisiana Board of Regents’ Nurse Supply and Demand Council, and the Louisiana Dept. of Health & Hospitals’ School Health Collaborative, Louisiana State Board of Nursing, and at the NASN annual conventions, etc. 

Along with Niona Whiddon, Tricia Strother, and the BPSB School Nurses we organized and presented the 2016 LSNO Professional Growth Seminar.  Niona, Tricia, and I organized and presented the 2017 conference, as well as are organizing this years’ conference.  The 2016 & 2017 conferences were very financially successful which allowed us the opportunity to offer Five (5) gift certificates for the 2018 LSNO conference!  In addition, it has allowed us to begin offering LSNO Nursing Scholarships.  The “Friends of LSNO,” an idea I borrowed from TSNO, is a sponsorship program that has three levels – Gold – Silver – Bronze.  It has been extremely successful and has allowed us the flexibility to improve the quality of the conference.  The 2016 & 2017 LSNO Professional Growth Seminars were rich in content and that has been a significant factor to increasing membership and attendance at the LSNO conferences. 

My intent has been to be inclusive of all Louisiana school nurses and have had success in increasing the number of parishes represented on the Executive Board.  All the committee slots have been filled per the bylaw requirements.  I added an Ad Hoc committee – Membership, Retention, and Recruitment in 2016, however there was no activity therefore the committee was dissolved March 2017. 

I pray I have acted with grace, honesty, and integrity.  I am pleased that I have met all the goals that I set for myself which include:  LSNO Nursing Scholarships, LSNO Seminar Scholarships,

increasing the awareness of LSNO and its’ mission at the State and National level, implementation of the LSNO Discussion List, Facebook and Twitter, and One Mile Fun Run/Walk.

I have been involved with LSNO since 2003, and hope that I have demonstrated my worthiness to represent you & LSNO as the NASN Director. 

Thank you for considering me and if led, I would appreciate your vote for me as the LSNO NASN Director.

Andrea Ferguson, RN, CSN
LSNO President