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AATH 2020 Conference Scholarships

By Jamie Vicknair, RN, BSN, CPN posted 10-31-2019 21:53


Time to Apply for AATH
Conference Scholarships!

AATH is excited to share Scholarship Opportunities for the 2020 Annual Humor Conference and Humor Academy in New Orleans!
Through our generous scholarship donors, AATH is offering fourteen scholarships for conference and/or Humor Academy registration this year.

Deadline is November 15th, Don't delay. Apply today!

Psst: Here are some tips for success:
  • Applicants may apply for up to three scholarships, submitting a separate application for each scholarship. An applicant will be disqualified for submitting more than three essays.
  • There will be strict adherence to scholarship criteria set forth by sponsor. If none of the applicants meet the criteria, the scholarship will not be awarded. (Make sure you read the scholarship criteria and answer the questions. Specifics given high marks!)
  • Individuals who received a scholarship in 2019 are not eligible again until 2021.