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UPDATE - LSNO Conference

By Jamie Vicknair, RN, BSN, CPN posted 03-13-2020 11:42

3.13.2020 at 10:40 AM

Good Morning All

We are currently working on logistics with the Golden Nugget on how to proceed in postponing our Professional Growth Seminar.  Please understand that we have worked very hard to stay within our contract with the Golden Nugget while monitoring the effects of COVID-19 on our state, communities and schools.  We have been listening to everyone's concerns and have been addressing them as we became aware of them. An event like this, with a contact like what we have, cannot be cancelled without providing documentation of reason. We, LSNO, and our members, are very aware that we have legitimate reason to postpone our event, but at this time the Golden Nugget does not agree with us.

We will keep you posted on what actions need to be taken by each of you as far as hotel rooms, registration, postponement and all other conference concerns as soon as we have answers from the Golden Nugget.  Please refrain from sending inquiries on these issues at this time.  We do not have answers to give you.  I'm certain your school districts will have questions about their payments and we will address that as soon as we have the answers.

Please be assured that none of this has been taken lightly nor has it been ignored.  I appreciate the support that most of you have given as well as the concerns that many have expressed.  Please assure your districts and families that we would never put our members at risk, as we are a vital piece of the safety and well being of our students and communities.

Thank you for your understanding.