Camp School Nurse

By Jamie Vicknair, RN, BSN, CPN posted 04-23-2019 09:03

From: Lauryn Honore
Phone: 2252887301

Hi LSNO! My name is Lauryn Honore and I am a current undergraduate at Louisiana State University. I, along with my Outreach Co-Coordinator Sarah Pham, are involved with Camp Kesem at LSU! I am emailing you all today to find out about the possibility of working together in order to spread the word about Camp Kesem and the amazing opportunity it can provide to all schools in LA! In addition, I wanted to reach out to you to tell you a bit about Camp Kesem and what specific values we stand upon. We are one of over 100 active Camp Kesem chapters throughout the United States and our program is staffed by student volunteers from LSU. As a national organization, Kesem has over 15 years of experience bringing top quality programs that have a significant impact on children and families. Our camps are designed to allow children the opportunity to find support, have fun, and feel safe, loved, and respected. Camp Kesem offers a unique resource to children whose parents have been diagnosed with cancer. Camp Kesem LSU will offer its first annual camp in Summer 2019 which will be open to campers throughout the state. Our camp is offered free of charge and is open to any 6-18 year old who has/had a parent or primary caregiver with cancer. For more general information, here is our website: For more information about our LSU chapter camp: As we gear up for summer 2019, we would love if you would be able to help bring Camp Kesem to families in Louisiana by allowing us to promote and advocate Camp Kesem in whichever way possible. Whether it be through emails sent to school districts or we can bring flyers to you all that can be distributed to schools - whatever works best for you all! I know you also mentioned sponsorship and that would be amazing too if possible! Are there any possible dates you are available to meet/call with us to discuss more? This is our first year as a camp and we would really love to spread the word all over Louisiana so that any family that is affected by a parent’s cancer would have this service offered to them. To reiterate, what is your availability to set up an informational session so that we could discuss any opportunities in order to spread the word about Camp Kesem in order to recruit campers/health professionals? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this email and I look forward to hearing from you and for your possible contribution! CLAM (Camp Love and Mine), Lauryn "Fugee" Honore and Sarah "Sriracha" Pham Outreach Co-Coordinators, Louisiana State University